I’ve been republishing essays I have previously published on the Catholic Answers Blog. I am very grateful to Catholic Answers for giving me permission to do so. In the choices I have for essays to republish, I am seeking to choose “evergreen” essays that retain significant interest value and have the potential to spark new discussion.

I’ve been fiddling around with the style for these posts, trying to hit a happy medium of providing interest for readers both new and old. I hope you will consider following this blog; if you do, here is my tentative plan for the posts published in earlier versions elsewhere:

All evergreen posts will begin with fresh introductions in italics to set off introductory comments from the rest of the essay. In the introduction, I will explain why this post is being republished now—either because of a news report or outside discussion of the subject, or simply because I think the topic is once again timely. The post may be edited to clean up the text or to add new thoughts. (If a link is no longer active, I will find an updated link to the story, or I will find a new link that makes the same case as the original, or I will note that the story no longer appears online.) Since these posts originally appeared elsewhere, I will add a note to the end of the essay with the original link and publication date.

Bottom line: I expect that style will evolve over time, but I will always try to note for readers when an essay appears here that was previously published elsewhere. If no such notice is included in the essay, please assume that it is original content.