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Will Blog For Clicks

I read an article the other day on why you should not trust Facebook to provide you with all the details of the real lives of your friends and family. Among other surprise revelations, the article noted: Everyone on Facebook … Continue reading

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Tiny Bubbles

Introduction: A few months after this essay was published, a writer for Catholic Lane opined on why she was giving up Facebook for Lent. The fourth of her five reasons was “groupthink”: “We Catholics have fostered an electronic environment that … Continue reading

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Catholic By Choice

In the modern Jewish tradition, converts to Judaism are often called Jews by Choice, which indicates that they were not born to Jewish families but chose to become Jews. A few years ago, I listened to a roundtable discussion on … Continue reading

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The Carmelites and Their Scapular

Soon after becoming a Catholic, I started collecting “Catholicana” to hang about my neck. Eventually I was wearing a brown scapular, a crucifix, and a “dog tag” chain with twenty or more holy medals. No joke, people could always tell … Continue reading

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Go, Tell John

Introduction: Tomorrow is the feast of the Nativity of St. John the Baptist. In honor of his feast day, here is a Q&A essay I published for St. John’s feast day last year. Today [6/24/13] is the Feast of the … Continue reading

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Review: “And the Rest Is History”

Introduction: When thinking about what to write about on this blog, I had the idea that I could occasionally review various media—books, movies, TV, music, etc.—that comes to my attention and that I think will be of mutual interest to … Continue reading

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The Young and the Childless

Introduction: I ended up agreeing with the solutions this young couple found when they felt chased away from the church by impatience with their children’s noise. But I once again sighed with annoyance over the invocation of Jesus’ rebuke to … Continue reading

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The Evergreens

It’s been a decade since I was solely responsible for the creation, maintenance, and feeding of a blog. I had forgotten how much work they are, especially in the initial stage when you are building content. And, with my first … Continue reading

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The Veil and I

Introduction: If there is one hot-button topic in Catholic circles that is sure to raise my hackles, it is when discussion turns to “veiling.” I confess that the subject inspires a hostility in me that I have a difficult time … Continue reading

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The Blessed Virgin’s Guide to Catholic Modesty

Introduction: Debates on modesty pop up in the Catholic blogosphere as surely as dandelions in spring. This essay was my contribution to the discussion, and was recently republished at Catholic Answers’ chastity outreach site, You want to see a … Continue reading

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